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Verus Technical Publications

Verus Tech provides you with access to useful technical information and publications from our actuaries on topics related to SMSFs and actuarial certificates.

When Do You Need an Actuarial Certificate?

This article discusses the circumstances in which you are required to obtain an actuarial certificate for a SMSF...Click for more

Superannuation Contribution Caps

There are significant tax concessions provided on contributions paid to superannuation funds. To limit the extent of these concessions, superannuation law places caps on the amounts that can be contributed each year. This article introduces...Click for more

Minimum Drawdowns for Account-Based Pensions

This article considers account-based pensions paid from a Self Managed Superannuation Fund. Specifically, it will cover the requirements under superannuation law for a minimum annual drawdown from an account-based pension...Click for more

Market Linked Pensions

This article provides a introduction to market linked pensions. Specifically, it provides an overview of some of the requirements under superannuation law in relation to this type of account-based pension...Click for more

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