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Update Previous Request

If the data you have provided to us in a previous request requires updating, you can use the form below to access your previous request data and obtain an updated certificate. Verus SMSF Actuaries provides updates to actuarial certificates free of charge.

To gain access to your previous request data you will need to submit the reference for the previous request. An email with a security key will be immediately sent to the primary email address provided as part of the original request. Once you have received the security key, enter it in the form below to begin updating your request data.

Note that for data security and confidentiality reasons, the security email will only be sent to the previously provided primary email address. If you no longer have access to this email address, please contact us via email ( or phone 1800 978 328 to obtain your previous request data via a manual security check.

Please provide your original request reference below.


Note: Updates to actuarial certificates can also be requested directly from within our certificate management portal, if you are logged in on our website, bypassing the security key authentication process above. If you are interested in setting up an account for your organisation please fill out our application form here.

If you already have an account registered with us, please click here to log in.