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Verus SMSF Actuaries Actuaries to Self Managed Superannuation Funds

We provide high quality actuarial services to the Self Managed Superannuation Fund sector, by utilising our extensive technical knowledge and client focussed service philosophy.

Actuarial Certificate Services

Actuarial certificates for SMSFs with account based pensions ($110 plus GST).

Actuarial certificates for SMSFs with defined benefit pensions ($300 plus GST).

Updates and amendments to actuarial certificates are provided free of charge.

Our actuarial certificates for SMSFs with account based pensions are provided via our easy-to-use online request form. The Verus service offering includes:

Instant Online Draft Tax Exempt Percentage

As soon as you provide the data to us, in most cases our system can instantly calculate a draft Tax Exempt Percentage, allowing you to continue preparing the Fund’s draft financial statements while you wait for the completed actuarial certificate.

Rapid Turnaround

We usually provide the completed actuarial certificate for Funds with account based pensions within 1 hour (and always within 1 business day) of receiving all the data required.

Certificate Management Portal

The Verus Certificate Management Portal allows our clients to view the status of actuarial certificate requests, download past certificates, and easily update or order new actuarial certificates using data from prior certificate requests. To learn more about the features of the Certificate Management Portal, please click here.

Excel Data Import

Our online form allows you to import data directly from an Excel data input template file. This functionality is intended to assist clients who prefer entering data into Excel, and for those who work with data sources that are more easily translated into Excel format. You are free to complete as much of the Excel data input template as is convenient for you, with all the other information items being entered directly into online form, or prefilled from your user profile.

Convenient Payment Options

You have the choice to pay for the certificate at the time you submit your request, or after you have received the completed certificate and the accompanying invoice. We also provide our clients with the option of a monthly invoicing arrangement.

Tailored Service Delivery

If you would like our services delivered in a particular way, or you would like us to introduce new features to our services, we would be delighted to hear from you. There are a number of areas where we have already tailored services for our existing clients – for example, billing arrangements, the format of our actuarial certificates and immediate delivery of a draft version of the actuarial certificate. Please contact us if you would like to know more or if you would like us to put together a proposal for services tailored to your requirements.

Personalised Service From Qualified Actuaries

Our actuaries are always available to provide free phone support to assist with completing our online data form and related SMSF technical matters. With Verus SMSF Actuaries you can be assured that you will receive personalised service from experienced actuaries with a detailed knowledge of SMSFs and the broader superannuation environment. At Verus, you deal directly with the actuaries providing our services, which means you always receive quality professional advice.

Verus SMSF Actuaries is independent of any other participant in the marketplace for SMSF services and is owned and operated by qualified actuaries. The interests of our clients are therefore fully safeguarded by the strict professional requirements for integrity, confidentiality and independence of the actuarial profession.

Other Services

Verus SMSF Actuaries also provides a range of other services to the SMSF sector, including:

SMSF Technical Assistance

SMSF Calculators

SMSF Benefit Projections

For more information on the services we offer, call us on (03) 9028 8123, or email us at: